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S. Bedford, Director of Engineering, Connecticut, USA

I truly support your site and think you have something great here. Keep up the good work... What I think is most valuable from each lesson is the Complete transcript and the Premium transcript... If I could only have one resource for learning Chinese I would pick your site. I think you have the correct blend of audio and visual information for aiding retention of the lessons... The mouse-over capability is a big plus... that is one of the features of your site that I like.

C. Turner, Professor, University of North Carolina, USA

In preparation for a trip overseas, I looked around for months trying to find a podcast/website that would help me learn Mandarin. So many were complicated to navigate or had really boring lesson plans. Some podcasts had audio that was not clear or were chanted by dull teachers. Some are just lists of vocabulary or phrases that you memorize, without context. A lot of bad teaching. I had almost given up and then found Chinese Learn Online. What a difference! The lessons are brief, memorable and logically arranged. The audio is clear and the narration friendly and very informative. The amount covered in each lesson is just right for an adult who wants to learn at his/her own pace. The teachers are very responsive to suggestions and to questions about the lesson content. The website design is very clean and crisp and easy to navigate.

I strongly suggest that new learners sign up for the very reasonable Premium content. By downloading the lessons you can always have your studies at hand and the podcast notes are great. Obviously I'm a happy customer and recommend the site to all Chinese learners. For me, the pace of the programs is really fine: they move along quickly enough to keep me thinking "forward" and pushing my concentration, but also with explanations in English, sidenotes, points of interest, etc., that give me chance to breathe let the ideas sink in.
Although I continue to listen to a couple of other podcasts of Chinese learning (and especially to study with a book I found), your podcast series is the centerpiece of my Chinese study. When there is only time to listen to one program, it is yours I go to.

J. Blackall, IT Consultant, England

Thorough explanation of each new word as it arrives in each lesson. Emphasis on, 'see and hear' , motivation tips, hints, cultural backround. Lesson notes etc. Emphasis on tones, which aids listening and pronunciation. Literal translation of dialogue, which helps with grasping grammar and aids memory. Creative combinations of new words and phrases (for a beginner), which reinforces lessons. What has pleasantly surprised me is the ability to use of your site for each lesson. You are well postioned to become a real choice for learning Chinese... Your web site is real value for money... The biggest compliment I can give is that I am on your website and using it fully.

B. Jevric, Australia

I think your Chinese lessons are fantastic. I am learning a lot listening to it spoken and the written form that goes with it helps as well because what you think your hearing is not necessarily right. The two together work really well. I love it.

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