Course Schedule

The course schedule has been tentatively updated with the rest of the lessons in level 3 along with the start of level 4. I have added some breaks to enable level 3 to finish at the end of the year, so we can begin 2008 with level 4.

So what can you expect in level 4? I expect that we should be able to do more all Chinese lessons then, like we recently did in lesson 154. Certainly by level 5, I expect this to be a predominantly Chinese podcast.

There will also be some refocus over the next few weeks with the Premium content. The Sentence builder will be extended to more lessons. PDF notes should also soon become a reality (there has been a massive editing campaign of older lessons, which is why they have been delayed till now). There are also some other exciting new additions that I hope to announce to the Premium side soon so stay tuned!

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