Jan A, Australia

I bought a 3x download course from you a few weeks ago. I have finished with all the lessons in level 3, and am halfway through level 4. I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback to the program.

I must admit, I am very impressed with the level and professionality of the course. Some of the things I particularly like (in no apparent order):

- Building on previous lessons, both in vocab and in continuing going over the same topic for 2-3 lessons to let it sink in. Eg. the election and moving apartments stuff.
- The great variety of topics covered
- The great presenters!
- Using Chinese to explain Chinese (with you giving the occational english translation of difficult words or subjects near the end)
- Being able to have the PDFs of Characters, Pinyin and English as seperate files. Really makes it hard for you to sneak peak when there is stuff you dont understand.
- The lists of new words and characters
- The interactive premium content, mainly the podcasts with answering
questions in chinese and translating from english

Keep up the good work, you guys are doing a fantastic job. Looking forward to the finished level 6 for download!

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