Richard M., Teacher, United Kingdom

Just a quick email to let you know how much I'm enjoying the classes.
I'm on lesson 94 and- having had something of a stop/start approach to learning Chinese in the past- this is the first course I have been truly happy with. I've made more progress with a few weeks of your course than on all my other attempts put together. I can't tell you how preferable it is to listen to Kirin! Her voice is very clear and has a much more soothing quality than the other guys (no offence by the way.. they're all great.. but Kirin is the best!)

In the past I have tried (amongst other things) to use the Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese audio classes which were recommended to me by a friend- it is interesting to note that neither he nor I ever got much further than Level 2. Firstly, the feedback from my girlfriend (also a mandarin speaker) was distinctly cool whenever I tried out new Chinese on her. My attempts would met with plain incomprehension or phrases like "people don't really say it like that". Secondly, even the early lessons could be very confusing. One of the important differences between your classes and those offered by Pimsleur (of which I am sure you are aware) can be summed up something like this:

Pimsleur - you ming = famous
LearnChineseOnline - you ming = have name = famous

The willingness to explain the derivation of the chinese 'word' is absolutely invaluable to me in terms of being able to remember it.

In terms of feedback, the extremely positive comments from my girlfriend have been a great encouragement. She is as impressed with your course as I am, and the reassurance that I am making a great deal more sense and sounding much more convincing is a great motivation.

You and your team deserve credit for putting together such a practical, relevant and well thought out learning resource. It must be good, because if a lazy sod like me can do it after a long day at work then anybody can!
Your efforts are much appreciated.
Keep up the good work!

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